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Materials and lesson plans.

Spaghetti Structures

Lesson objectives: teamwork, iteration, planning

Build a structure out of: 20 pieces of spaghetti, 1 meter of twine, and 1 meter of masking tape to hold a marshmallow as high as possible from the building surface.

Work sample from the winning team’s planning process:Monster

Full work here.

Pictures soon…

Similar Triangles on Titan

“Attack on Titan”-based in-class assignment using similar triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem.


The front side is pretty straightforward proportional triangles:

A figure looms at the crossroads to Singanshina. It is casting a shadow that happens to fall at a mile marker that reads “300 meters to crossroads.” You notice that your own shadow is about twice the length of your sword …

You are 1.75 meters tall.

Your sword is 1 meter long.


The back side allows for discourse regarding where on the head you are targeting.

Files here: google drive folder

Laid out using powerpoint; artwork in sketch; 2-sided pdf of assignment.  Artwork by ilen.  Japanese translation using