Getting to know Chimera

Signing up to become a member at Chimera Arts makerspace in Sebastopol

I went to Chimera to explore whether is would be a suitable location to expand my maker network and skills.  While there I met and spoke with Sugar: volunteer, community coordinator, and “Operations Ninja.”

After taking the tour of the facility and chatting for a bit, it became clear that Chimera would be a great place for me to develop my maker skills, dispositions, and network, so I joined up as a dabbler with 2 days a month access to the space and access to trainings to become certified to use specialized equipment while I’m there.

Some things we chatted about:  Chimera wants to reach out more to SSU.  They didn’t know about the Extended Ed Maker Certificate program.  Sugar gave me an overview of what they are doing and want to do, including a complete tour of the equipment and a run down of upcoming events.   They only offer membership and usage to those 18 and over, though they do eventually want to run classes/camps for youth.  They don’t have staff to oversee the equipment, so adults need to be responsible for it’s use at all times.